HCG diets and hormone balancing. Anyone ever tried those? Seems a little too good to be true. #fb 

Tips for Dragon Con

This post can be subtitled, “Why I’m Not Going to Dragon Con This Year.”

It didn’t even take 24 hours for me to get the question. “The doctor released you from all activity restrictions,” someone said to me. “So why can’t you go to Dragon Con?”

I had actually suspected I might be released from restrictions before the convention. The problem is that I wasn’t released soon enough to start preparing. It’s not enough to not have any restrictions; you also need to be ready — and I’m not.

That ties in neatly with a call that came out today on the official Dragon Con Twitter account to help someone asking for tips for surviving the Con. Here, in no particular order, are mine. As you read through them, you’ll get an idea of why I decided it’s a bad idea to go even if I don’t have any restrictions anymore. This is by no means an exhaustive list; it’s just a few that I think might be a little less frequently repeated.

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At @DragonCon 2012, I ate a "4-hour" meal bar every 2 hours. But I was expending enough energy to justify it. I actually lost some weight. 
My other @DragonCon tip: if you can't comfortably be on your feet for an hour+, assume you will get extremely sore/tired; plan accordingly. 
Seconded! I also suggest meal bars. MT @_JCAMP_ @DragonCon my tip is bring lots of snacks like beef jerky, natural fruit roll-ups, crackers. 
In other news, ICYMI from @sonria: the orthopedist released me from care this morning. #28weeks #FYouBrokenAnkle #abouttime #yay #IWin 
Guys. GUYS. Even putting back just 1% can help. 1/3 of Americans aren't saving for retirement ow.ly/AsiCz ow.ly/3ovKYh 
Officially released from orthopedist's care, to go back only if needed. Yeah! :) #fb 
RT @AdviceToWriters: I don’t want it to sound like I’m writing, I want it to be like I’m talking to you. JENNY WINGFIELD #amwriting #writing 
Casting practice. #fb http://t.co/UCMnKHJc2P BvP6JuZCAAALj1f 
Bluebird house over a new growth meadow at the JCEC. #fb http://t.co/q1Ax3rEEMH BvP53KoCQAMmG6g 
Little bit late this time, but I did make it out to the JCEC this Sunday. It's becoming a habit. #fb http://t.co/zl8FqYdBGZ BvP3QFACAAAlaoi 
Huge asteroid set to wipe out life on Earth - in 2880 ow.ly/3oniyw 
Ok, to the person who's talking about me? STOP! Please! My ears are itching like crazy! #fb :) 

Daily Post: A Bookish Choice

From The Daily Post:

A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: with a flick of the wand, you can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Which do you choose?

I’d choose the latter, because that’s the kind of audience I actually write for.

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