Cue the Excedrin. And for the first time in a long while, it's actually for a headache. #fb 
!*%*& reviews apparently are b0rked again. :( And here I spent all night thinking I'd totally lost my audience. 
Just don't see the point of anything anymore. #depression #pleasegoaway 
And yeah, I doubt I will hit 50K for the #CasleFicathon. But it's not impossible yet. Wish me luck...and words. 
Hit my 50,000th word for the year this morning. Although I should be at 72,500 but who's counting? (Rhetorical question.) #amwriting #slowly 
And once again, I've had another great customer service experience with @hostdime. Thanks Ismail A.! You guys rock! 
Has officially been defeated by #WordPress site domain mapping w/ #cPanel and is giving up for the evening. Is there a tutorial for dummies?