Halloween 2013

Photo taken Halloween 2013

Thank you for visiting! You’ve reached the personal home page of Catherine Collingwood.

I’m a fortyish, crazy cat lady, currently living and working in the Atlanta metro area although I’m originally from North Carolina. Yes, I have an accent, although I’m told its pretty mild. No, I’m not a redneck, although I will correct anyone who even suggests that barbecue could be red (or made from cows).

During business hours, I’m an employee benefits specialist. I’ve worked in human resources offices in both the government and corporate sectors, but at the beginning of 2012 I made the switch to working on the brokerage side. I’m currently an account manager at a small agency specializing in employee benefits for small- to mid-size companies throughout Georgia.

During the early mornings and at many other times outside of business hours, I can often be found writing. My work often contains science fiction settings (particularly near-future scenarios) but the plots themselves generally involve suspense, romance and exploration of intra- and inter-personal dynamics. I got started in fan fiction and still write that, but I’m also working on some original concepts that I hope to bring to fruition in the next couple of years.

In addition, during my off-hours I also enjoy reading, traveling and photography. I’ve done some vocal and voice-over work; its fun and I have a bit of talent, but I don’t have the drive. I can sometimes be found cooking and doing cross-stitch as well, though not all that often. I’m also a divorced Catholic whose little girl has fur; a political liberal who insists that abortion is murder; and a geekish type who fights the scourge of mental illness every day.

I’ve owned and used the sonria.org domain since late 2003 and the site has gone through many different incarnations since then. The word is pronounced sown-ree-ah with the accent on the second syllable, and its also my standard web handle. I sometimes use the alternate versions airnos and sonriacat, and in fan fiction circles I’m known as LFVoy (which is not intended to be pronounceable). All of these are made-up words, but they have history and meaning.

Feel free to look around on the site, and if you’re so inclined, drop me a line. I’m always up for new online discussions and acquaintances. I hope you enjoy your visit!