Day Zero Reboot: Week 1

This has not been the best first week of a Day Zero project.

In my own defense, it’s been a bit of a weird week, primarily driven by some events at work; put bluntly, the work-life balance got shot all to pieces. Fortunately, though, the situation in question has now been settled. As I write this, I’m on a four-day weekend, and the plan is to use this to bring things back under control. That today is the beginning of Camp NaNoWriMo should definitely help.

Another thing that should help is to update the few items I can.

3. Train as a tax preparer.

I emailed one of the local tax companies about a class that starts on September 11th but I have not yet heard back. One goal for this week will be to follow up with them.

18. Complete 150 shifts with cat rescue.

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern on this as, while I’m still listed as a volunteer with Half the Way Home (and definitely still want to volunteer with them), I’m not able to easily reach any of their current locations. I still intend to pursue this, but this week I also sent an email to Planned PEThood (whose office is on one of my alternate routes to and from work) to see about volunteer opportunities with them. My second goal for the week will be to follow up on this.

99. Make a weekly update each Saturday.

Here’s the first update!