Day Zero Reboot: Week 9

The List:

So much for working on getting my focus back! Here I am, four weeks later, having missed three weekly update posts in the meantime. While I’m not going to let myself indulge in any excuses this time, I am going to find a little humor in it: there’s a comment in here about the best-laid plans of mice and men, isn’t there?

Regardless, it really is time to work on getting my focus back. In a way, I actually have been doing so over the last week, as I’ve been making a very serious effort to improve my sleep hygiene, which had started slipping pretty badly. It took a few days for the effects to start showing up, but by the end of the week I was feeling much more rested and alert, and my overall productivity started increasing. Interestingly enough, my appetite started decreasing.

I’m certainly not going to complain about any of this, but knowing that I can sometimes go a little too high sometimes means that I’m going to aim for stability over the next week, as opposed to improvement. I’m not showing any warning signs as I am sleeping several hours a night, having no difficulty with impulse control, and maintaining current projects instead of starting new ones. That, too, is something I’d like to keep going. With a little luck and some hard work, I think I can manage to do just that.

57. Replace doors and windows.

This is going to be a separate series of posts, but I accomplished part of this goal over the past two weeks. My front door has been completely replaced (except for painting, which is scheduled for this afternoon), and in the process I also got a storm door installed. It looks and functions significantly better as a result.

58. Try 30 new recipes.

New recipe #1 was a fairly simple one: butter-broiled tilapia. The challenge was figuring out how to broil in an electric oven, as I’d never done that before. I got some good advice, though, and the experiment was a definite success. I’ll be adding this recipe to my list of those worth keeping and repeating.

88. See the eclipse in August 2017.

Goal accomplished! The eclipse happened this past Monday, August 21. I wasn’t able to take time off work in order to go up to the area of totality, but I did get to watch the 98% coverage that happened in the area around where I work. Some of my co-workers thought I was being slightly weird, I think, but there was a small crowd in the building’s parking lot during the hour around full totality. It was amazing, and I’m glad I took the time to get some eclipse glasses and walk outside.

99. Make a weekly update each Saturday.

Yes, I got off track, but here’s another weekly update, and the best way to get myself back on track is to keep slowly working toward my goals. I do believe I can make it.