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Day Zero Reboot: Week 5

The List:

It is so easy to get off-track when you’re not focused.

Unfortunately, I did lose my focus these past couple of weeks. It started with me thinking that I could get away with skipping out on just one update so that I could go to North Carolina the week of July 14-16. While I don’t regret the trip, I do regret the mental laziness because it started me down the wrong path.

But I have to give some credit to my supervisor here. She issued a two-week weight loss challenge this week, and despite me knowing there is no way I can win it (it’s based on percentages, which is fair but puts me at a disadvantage), I recognized it for the opportunity it was. Re-focusing on one item reminds me that I have a good routine developed — if I can simply stick to it.

That is the plan for this next week. And, even off-track, I’ve made a few accomplishments.

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