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Day Zero Reboot: Week 5

The List:

It is so easy to get off-track when you’re not focused.

Unfortunately, I did lose my focus these past couple of weeks. It started with me thinking that I could get away with skipping out on just one update so that I could go to North Carolina the week of July 14-16. While I don’t regret the trip, I do regret the mental laziness because it started me down the wrong path.

But I have to give some credit to my supervisor here. She issued a two-week weight loss challenge this week, and despite me knowing there is no way I can win it (it’s based on percentages, which is fair but puts me at a disadvantage), I recognized it for the opportunity it was. Re-focusing on one item reminds me that I have a good routine developed — if I can simply stick to it.

That is the plan for this next week. And, even off-track, I’ve made a few accomplishments.

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Happy Birthday, Emily!

Thirteen years ago today, a little kitten made her way into the world. Little did she know that ten weeks later she’d be moving to North Carolina to get her very own human, who would proceed to keep her through several moves including one to another state. And today she’s still going strong, being happy and showing the love she has inside.

Happy birthday, Emily Frost! I love you!