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Day Zero Reboot: Week 9

The List: http://sonria.org/blog/2017/day-zero-2017-20/

So much for working on getting my focus back! Here I am, four weeks later, having missed three weekly update posts in the meantime. While I’m not going to let myself indulge in any excuses this time, I am going to find a little humor in it: there’s a comment in here about the best-laid plans of mice and men, isn’t there?

Regardless, it really is time to work on getting my focus back. In a way, I actually have been doing so over the last week, as I’ve been making a very serious effort to improve my sleep hygiene, which had started slipping pretty badly. It took a few days for the effects to start showing up, but by the end of the week I was feeling much more rested and alert, and my overall productivity started increasing. Interestingly enough, my appetite started decreasing.

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Day Zero Reboot: Week 5

The List: http://sonria.org/blog/2017/day-zero-2017-20/

It is so easy to get off-track when you’re not focused.

Unfortunately, I did lose my focus these past couple of weeks. It started with me thinking that I could get away with skipping out on just one update so that I could go to North Carolina the week of July 14-16. While I don’t regret the trip, I do regret the mental laziness because it started me down the wrong path.

But I have to give some credit to my supervisor here. She issued a two-week weight loss challenge this week, and despite me knowing there is no way I can win it (it’s based on percentages, which is fair but puts me at a disadvantage), I recognized it for the opportunity it was. Re-focusing on one item reminds me that I have a good routine developed — if I can simply stick to it.

That is the plan for this next week. And, even off-track, I’ve made a few accomplishments.

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Day Zero Reboot: Week 2

The List: http://sonria.org/blog/2017/day-zero-2017-20/

In my own defense, it was a weird week this week too, which is why I didn’t get a whole lot done on the Day Zero Reboot project. Maybe starting it right across the Independence Day holiday wasn’t the greatest of ideas, but there really wasn’t any other way for me to have it end on the date it does. (In fact, I’d actually written the list about a month before I started the project, but delayed the start so that I could have it end then.)

But it’s time for an end to the excuses, and I didn’t get nothing done this week.

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Day Zero Reboot: Week 11

The List: http://sonria.org/blog/2017/day-zero-2017-20/

Despite missing an update last week, it’s been a good couple of weeks. There was, after all, a very good reason I missed last week’s update: I was at DragonCon! In fact, I was even in the parade: I walked with the Parade of Elements, and I had so much fun coming up with the outfit — I won’t say costume, because it really didn’t qualify as one — that I’ve already signed up to do it again next year.

As much fun as Labor Day weekend always is, it requires recovery, and I’ve spent the last week focusing on that. My primary goal was to get the routine re-established, and I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished that. Now that I have, the next goal is to get back to working on this list!

Day Zero Reboot: Week 1

This has not been the best first week of a Day Zero project.

In my own defense, it’s been a bit of a weird week, primarily driven by some events at work; put bluntly, the work-life balance got shot all to pieces. Fortunately, though, the situation in question has now been settled. As I write this, I’m on a four-day weekend, and the plan is to use this to bring things back under control. That today is the beginning of Camp NaNoWriMo should definitely help.

Another thing that should help is to update the few items I can.

3. Train as a tax preparer.

I emailed one of the local tax companies about a class that starts on September 11th but I have not yet heard back. One goal for this week will be to follow up with them.

18. Complete 150 shifts with cat rescue.

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern on this as, while I’m still listed as a volunteer with Half the Way Home (and definitely still want to volunteer with them), I’m not able to easily reach any of their current locations. I still intend to pursue this, but this week I also sent an email to Planned PEThood (whose office is on one of my alternate routes to and from work) to see about volunteer opportunities with them. My second goal for the week will be to follow up on this.

99. Make a weekly update each Saturday.

Here’s the first update!

Day Zero Reboot (2017-2020 Edition)

I’ve worked on Day Zero projects a couple of times before, but never completed them. Despite that, they helped me anyway by keeping me on track and giving me focus. Because of that, I’ve decided to go ahead and start a new one.

For those not familiar with the original Day Zero Project, here’s how it works:

The Challenge: Complete 101 tasks in 1,001 days
The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

My start date will be today, June 24, 2017. This gives me an end date of Saturday, March 21, 2020, which happens to be my forty-fifth birthday.

Here is the list:

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