Topic: Special Projects

Day Zero Reboot: Week 11

The List: Despite missing an update last week, it’s been a good couple of weeks. There was, after all, a very good reason I missed last week’s update: I was at DragonCon! In fact, I was even in the parade: I walked with the Parade of Elements, and I had so much fun coming […]

Day Zero Reboot: Week 9

The List: So much for working on getting my focus back! Here I am, four weeks later, having missed three weekly update posts in the meantime. While I’m not going to let myself indulge in any excuses this time, I am going to find a little humor in it: there’s a comment in here […]

Day Zero Reboot: Week 5

The List: It is so easy to get off-track when you’re not focused. Unfortunately, I did lose my focus these past couple of weeks. It started with me thinking that I could get away with skipping out on just one update so that I could go to North Carolina the week of July 14-16. […]

Day Zero Reboot: Week 2

The List: In my own defense, it was a weird week this week too, which is why I didn’t get a whole lot done on the Day Zero Reboot project. Maybe starting it right across the Independence Day holiday wasn’t the greatest of ideas, but there really wasn’t any other way for me to […]

Day Zero Reboot: Week 1

This has not been the best first week of a Day Zero project. In my own defense, it’s been a bit of a weird week, primarily driven by some events at work; put bluntly, the work-life balance got shot all to pieces. Fortunately, though, the situation in question has now been settled. As I write […]

Day Zero Reboot (2017-2020 Edition)

I’ve worked on Day Zero projects a couple of times before, but never completed them. Despite that, they helped me anyway by keeping me on track and giving me focus. Because of that, I’ve decided to go ahead and start a new one. For those not familiar with the original Day Zero Project, here’s how […]