Combating Spiritual Dryness

Adoration ReflectionsHas it really been seven weeks since the last time I journaled during Adoration? I suppose it has: there have been holidays, illness and other more personal events.

It’s easy to get off track at a time like that, when so many other things are going on. It’s easy to lose focus. And that may be the reason for the spiritual dryness I’ve been noticing of late.

It’s just as easy to let separation from God become a habit after that. You begin to feel guilty for mixing up priorities. You stay away out of shame. The pattern perpetuates itself, causing you to fall ever further away.

Yet God is patient and loving enough to not just accept us back — but to actively pursue it! Over and over again in Scripture, he does just that. And in our lives, too.

We need only relinquish our own expectations of ourselves, the ones that lead to us feeling too ashamed to come back.

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