Rattled Cats

After 14½ years with Miss Emily, she still proved herself full of surprises this morning…we misplaced her for a good hour and a half, at least 75% of which was spent calling and hunting for her in every place we could imagine. Turned out she had apparently jumped into West’s t-shirt drawer when he had it open, and then somehow crawled sideways and down to the bedsheet drawer. We’re still mystified as to how she managed to pull that one off given that there’s not much room between those dresser drawers.

She came out of it with her “darn it, quit hassling me” meow, and was not interested in being held afterward, but she’s giving herself away anyway: she keeps coming back into the living room every few minutes to make sure we’re still there. Yep, that’s one rattled cat. And one rattled Catherine, too, for what it’s worth.

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