picture of CatherineHello and welcome! My name is Catherine Collingwood and I’m (hopefully) better known as the author of the RADIUS Benefits Blog, where I post about employee benefits topics. This site is my personal blog, where I post about anything else that catches my fancy. It’s an outgrowth of a blog I kept for years over at LiveJournal, and I still cross-post entries over there as well as to my personal Facebook page.

I’m a fortysomething crazy cat lady; I’ve lived and worked in the Atlanta metro area since 2006 and will be here for the foreseeable future. I grew up in eastern North Carolina, though, which means it’s still my solemn duty to correct anyone who even suggests that barbecue could be red.

In my off-hours, I enjoy photography, hiking and travel; am active in science fiction/media fandom; and have been known to pick up the occasional cross-stitch project. As befits my title of “crazy cat lady,” I also support various cat rescue organizations. My husband and I are personally owned by two cats of our own: an opinionated tabby named Emily, and an entitled tortie named Ladybug.